Oriental Rug & Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

At Stainless Steemer Professional Carpet Cleaner & Restoration, we are conscious that your Oriental rug is more than a beautiful decorative piece, it is an investment and has usually a cultural value to it as well. Handmade Oriental rugs are often handmade originals that appreciate in monetary value as well as its artistic value that can only achieved with proper and periodic care. Our method of cleaning Oriental rugs is safe and gentle. We use the latest technology, tools, and equipment designed specifically for gentle, effective cleaning of Oriental rugs.

Rug Inspection

Our cleaning process starts with a thorough inspection of your fine textile. Our technicians are trained and certified to recognize the fibers and dyes that form your Oriental and the best cleaning methods for each type of fiber. So no matter what kind of Oriental rug you own, you can be assured that Stainless Steemer Professional Carpet Cleaner & Restoration, technicians will know just how to care for your precious textile.